what if Korra goes to the swamp to find Toph and finds Shrek instead






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interextrovert asked: Okay just a super quick question I saw your Hogwarts au art (which I love btw) and it made me wonder what made you put the characters in the houses that they're in? Like how did you decide, what made you think they would fit into that house?


Lin is ruled by justice and fairness, she may be terse with people she doesn’t know but once you’ve proven yourself worthy of being trusted she is absolutely and unfailingly loyal.  The times she isn’t necessarily fair is when she feels loyalty has been broken, the more she cares about them to worse it is, like with Su, her mother, and Tenzin.  They get 30 year grudges lol, but also at the same time, she would never outright hurt them.  I don’t think she would ever truly hurt anybody without extreme reasons or it being absolutely necessary.  There isn’t a boisterous, arrogant, venomous, or selfish* bone in her body, she does what she does to the best of her ability simply because it’s what she sees as the right, honest thing to do.  Lin is a precious perfect grumpy lil badger I cannot even fucking deal lkfjgld.

*except for holding on to Tenzin for so long, I think that was technically selfish, but it was also a defense mechanism, Tenzin was probably the last person she had left that felt like family, Lin deserved to be a little goddamn selfish.  BOOK 4 YOU OWE LIN SO MUCH 

It seems like Su is able to take advantage of any situation she is in for her benefit.  She wanted to make her mark on the world and she did, she’s attracted to and at home with power and does exactly what needs to be done for her to ‘win’ whether or not it is technically right.  Winning back her sister’s loyalty and then immediately going behind her back to make sure Korra and Co. captured Aiwei, what a fucking snake loooool.  Similar to Lin, loyalty and protecting the people she cares about are of utmost importance to her, but unlike Lin she doesn’t just want justice, she wants vengeance.  She wanted Aiwei’s fucking head, and she got P’li’s.  She knows people and she knows how to cut them to their core, she does it to Lin at least twice (at least i have a life/no wonder tenzin broke up with you).  I think Kya traveled the world with a genuine interest in learning and for adventure, whereas I think Su did that to explore new ways to succeed and excel, and she is proud of all of it.   

Tenzin would be a puff because he’s motivated by community and family more than anything else, his dedication to learning and teaching airbender stuff is ravenclaw-y but ultimately the knowledge itself isn’t what drives him, it’s the community and purpose it represents, which I think is Hufferpuffer.  It’s also the house of jobbers heh heh

Bumi is motivated by “is this radical?” and “are we doing this in the most radical way possible?” which is gryffindor

Kya is either Gryff or claw, I can’t decide, leaning Gryff because I don’t think she was interesting in learning and traveling for the sake of knowledge, I think it was more for the fun/thrill of it.    


ngl it makes me really happy lin and su are in their hogwarts house colors in the show


and yes those are their houses suyin is an excellent slytherin and lin is basically the huflepuffiest hufflepuff to ever huffle.  lin would play keeper and su would be a seeker.  lin would be prefect every year she could but not head girl, suyin would never be a prefect but would get head girl 7th year.

also bumi would have been gryffindor, kya gryffindor or ravenclaw, tenzin would be the other hufflepuff prefect


out of all the things was hoping for in book 4 i did not expect one of them to be old men in longjohns


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I love all the click and drag games on Tumblr and after I read an article about diversity in YA books, I wanted to make a click and drag “game” myself. (i think this was the article, but i’m not sure, sorry)



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well well well. if it isn’t my old friend, the dawning realization that i fucked up real bad